Pacsafe 55L Security Web

Protection of your belongings when there is no access to a locker or storage facility.



Technical Details


high tensile stainless steel

Size/ Weight

[55L] 17oz, [85L] 20oz, [120L] 24oz, [140] 26oz

Padlock Included



2-year limited


  • Easy way to secure all your belongings
  • Piece of mind while away from your pack
  • Compact when not in use


  • Heavy
  • Pricey
  • Not fool-proof

Why We Like It

Whether you're traveling in high-theft areas or leaving your pack unattended in hostels, trains, or baggage check, the Pacsafe Security Web gives you piece of mind that your belongings are secure. When I'm in a new city the first thing I want to do is explore, however I don't want to do so while carrying my pack the whole time. Some hostels and hotels offer lockers or concierge bag checks, however both of those are not 100% secure. The best solution I've found is to take all your critical items with you in a compressible daypack (like the ChicoBag Travel Pack or PNW Sea To Sky) while exploring, and lock the rest of your belongings in the security net fastened to something stationary - like a bed frame or radiator.

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