Camp Chef Everest Stove

Tap into your inner Martha Stuart or Gordon Ramsey no matter where you are.



Technical Details


stainless steel

Fuel Type

propane canisters


(2) 20,000 BTU burners, matchless ignition


12 lbs.


  • Even temperature control
  • Powerful burners
  • Matchless ignition
  • Great value


  • Not suited for backpacking

Why We Like It

While cereal and ham sandwiches are great, there's nothing like a warm meal while you're roughin-it in the outdoors. The Camp Chef Everest is the premiere tabletop propane camping stove that your parents probably had, and maybe even their parents, too.

Perfect for car camping or making the hangover cure at festivals, you won't have to exert much brain power to get the Everest set up and started. This stove is popular for good reason, it's powerful enough to get water boiling quickly but also has the precise flame control to evenly cook at a medium or simmer. Pick one up for yourself and it'll stick around long enough for your grandkids to use. and your grandkids will likely be able to use it.

Not wanting to fork over the $100? Check out the Colman Classic Stove instead. It's half the price but cheaper made and not as powerful.

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