Bison Designs T-Lock Money Belt

Keep your pants up and your cash hidden without setting off metal detectors.



Technical Details


[belt] nylon webbing, [buckle] plastic

Stash Compartment

yes, zippered


1.2 in. wide [medium] up to 38in. waist, [large] up to 42in.

Color Options



  • Durable buckle
  • Metal-free design
  • Hidden zipper compartment


  • Not enough space for cards
  • Nylon webbing can fray over time

Why We Like It

If you're lucky, traveling can often cause you to shed some pounds. Whether it's from walking along the length of the Great Wall, or some bad shellfish, keep your pants up and avoid plumber's crack with the Bison Design T-Lock Money Belt. Best of all, it features a full-length zipper along the backside of the belt to keep spare cash, keys, and other small valuables hidden. While the compartment isn't big enough for keeping cards, it does have enough room for 10 or so bills, a few keys, and a folded-up copy of your passport.

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